Tips and Advice You Must Know Before Traveling to German

February 21, 2020

All the Best Places to Visit and Food to Eat While in Germany

German has to be on the bucket list of every seasoned traveler and for good reasons. It’s rich in history culture, and the diverse natural beauty is hard to forget. Delicious mouthwatering local cuisines and a modern transport system make this country worth exploring.

German is also synonymous with thirst-quenching beer, a wide range of tasty sausages, and enjoyable nightlife with a vibrant music scene. You might fall in love with German the first time you visit as it has so many fun activities to offer. But as a first-time traveler, what do you need to know before packing your bags?

Learn About the Local Custom

Before visiting any country, including German, it’s essential to understand common customs. This is because of the unique German language that you can translate to English, fascinating traditions, and local people makes the culture unparalleled. The Roman Empire has hugely influenced the culture of German. Apart from the people, fun events have shaped German traditions. Besides, diverse identities ensure that visitors get to appreciate different cultures. Some interesting rulebooks practiced by locals include:

  • Punctuality
  • Recycling
  • Smoking in bars as well as restaurants
  • Closing shops and businesses on Sunday

While Berlin is its main busy and capital city, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg are other three fascinating German towns.

Languages Spoken

German is indeed the official language; hence you are likely to find almost all locals speaking it. While most tourists tend to experience a language barrier when traveling to foreign countries when you translate from English to German, you can learn a few phrases as well as common words.

This helps you to understand what the locals are saying. Besides, businesses and most road signs are written in German; hence it’s ideal to at least know common as well as basic phrases to avoid getting confused, lost, or heading in the wrong place.

What and Where to Eat

Sausage and meat are popular on the menu as they are traditional German food. However, some restaurants also offer international cuisine. If you want to eat light, then buy from snack shops located all around busy German streets and train stations.

Currywurst, Kartoffelsalat, bratwurst are some of the food that you should not leave German without eating. Popular deserts offered in most German restaurants are Apfelkuchen, Kaiserschmarrn, Lebkuchen, and Mohnstrudel. Each region in Germany offers distinct food flavor, and some of the travel places where you can enjoy local cuisine include:

Zur Letzen Instanz, Berlin

This is one of Berlin’s oldest restaurants that is believed to have been opened in 1621. Therefore, the menu tends to focus on traditional food and incorporating local foodstuff. The apple strudel desert is mouthwatering, and they also cater to the vegetarian individuals, the ambiance is cozy, and the service impeccable.

Apart from Zur letzen Instanz, other restaurants where you can eat good German food while in Berlin are Rogacki, Markthalle Neun, and Prater Garten, which is considered to be Berlin’s oldest beer garden.

Hofbraeuhaus, Munich

Want to enjoy homemade German beer with a local dish? Then head over to Hofbraeuhaus located in Munich. The staff ensures that visitors experience an authentic German culture; therefore, they dress up in traditional clothing. Other places where vacationists can travel and eat traditional food are Kuchlverzeichnis, which has Bavarian décor, and Ratskeller Munich, located in a historical building.

Best Means of Transport

German has a modern train system that allows people to travel and get around the cities quickly. However, each city has its own transport system. Understanding the zone system will help you travel with ease and know which ticket you have to purchase and from where. While German express trains tend to be a bit expensive, if you hope to travel on a budget, then opt for public transport such as trams, underground trains, and buses.

The German public transport interconnects all the major cities in German as well as smaller towns located in the interior rural parts of the country. German buses that can also travel at night tend to be cheaper compared to a cab while tramlines have a higher capacity, which is ideal for group travelers.

If you are short on time, then the U-Bahn, which is an underground rapid transit and Stadtbahn popularly known by the Germans as the light train, will help you travel to your German destination faster. You can purchase your travel tickets from the ticket machines. However, every ticket has to be validated before one can be allowed to start their journey.

Always Carry Some Money

You will need cash to pay for any service that you get in German because most of the places, including restaurants, don’t have card machines. Besides, some businesses have a rule of not accepting cards for very low purchases. So always withdraw enough cash before you travel to enable you to pay for your transaction.

When to Visit

German has events all year round. However, the Oktoberfest, which occurs in autumn, has made Munich a trendy destination area. The beer-drinking festival occurs from late September to early October. Summer in German tends to be the peak season for people to enjoy various outdoor activities such as swimming and flocking to cozy beer gardens. Tourists that prefer the quiet nature of landscapes should travel to Bavaria during autumn to take some amazing images of the hills and mountains.

Fun Places to See

Visitors are allowed to travel and see various landmarks and monuments at all seasons. The Pergamon museum is ideal for history fanatics as well as the Dachau Concentration Camp memorial site. At the Tempelhofer Feld, you will be mesmerized by community gardens and kite surfers.

Neuschwanstein Castle, The Rhine Valley, Brandenburg Gate, The Black Forest, Miniatur Wunderland, Eat side Gallery, grand palaces, and cathedrals with unique architecture are some of the top attractions in Germany worth visiting.

German has a combination of tradition and modern aspects. The lively outdoors, infectious energy, and mesmerizing street art will impress you. So don’t just visit Germany, experience all that it has to offer.