The Top 5 Cities to Visit in Croatia

November 5, 2019

Best Sites to Visit When Travelling Through Croatia

Croatia has always been a unique place to visit because it is unlike many destinations in Europe. It is one place that will allow you to get so many items off your bucket list if only you know where to go. It is rich in nature, history, and culture, thanks to the many old towns and warm people. You may need to translate English to Croatian services since the latter is mostly used. When you plan on a tour to Europe, you should give Croatia a visit in one of the following cities for a remarkable experience.


It is the capital of Croatia and had for a long time been ignored as a top tourist destination, although it has come a long way from that. It is home to some of the best Hungarian architecture, museums a unique street art. Enjoy the city at Ban Jelačić, which is where you can get a wide range of cute cafes as well as the city’s trams. The open-air market is a true haven for anyone who loves farmers’ markets, making for the perfect stroll during the day. Some of the other places to visit in Croatia’s capital include:

  • The city museum of Zagreb.
  • The medieval gate of stone.
  • Broken relationships museum.
  • Sample craft beer.
  • The flea market on Sunday.


It is located in the Istria Peninsula, which is on the West side of the country and is by far the most romantic city that you will visit in the country. Since the sea locates it, you can enjoy the best views when you take the 200 steps St. Euphemia Church tower. From the tower, you can view the old town, the narrow walk lanes and the nearby islands as well as the Grisia, which is cobbled and full of interesting shops and galleries.

Take a walk around the city either during the day or night as you interact with the locals and find the little gems hidden all over town. The beaches are breathtaking and never crowded, so it would be an excellent place to wind down your day.


It is the second-largest city in the country and is home to some of the most breathtaking views. One of the places you must visit while here is the UNESCO heritage site at the Diocletian’s Palace, which was a place where Game of Thrones was shot. The palace is a great place to learn a bit about the Roman times in Croatia.

A light hike atop Marjan Hills is a treat for anyone, and the views once at the top are excellent, so don’t forget to carry your camera. It is a vibrant historic city where you can visit a wide range of chapels, museums, and cute café shops. From Split, you get easy access to some of the close islands that you must visit. There is a ferry service that you can use to and from, so it is easy to go and come back the same day.


One of the main attractions is the city walls since they were used in Game of Thrones so it is a popular place and you will often find a crowd. Banje beach is another common place where you can sunbathe and enjoy a beautiful afternoon and evening. There is a massive stone wall that has a 1.2-mile walkway where you can catch a glimpse of the roofs in the city as well as the cobblestone paths as well as the old town, which is also listed by UNESCO.

Old churches and monasteries are the most common places to visit and take pictures so ancient architecture buffs would enjoy the city. You should also make a point of touring the city at night and see the lights at the courtyard.


It is also a coastal city that is full of Renaissance, Gothic, and Roman-style architecture. It is located on the northwestern side of Istria and is also home to the oldest lighthouse, which is near Cape Savudrija. If you enjoy riding bikes, then this is the city for you as it has some excellent biking trails which go through beautiful vineyards where you can stop for a short tour. There are various open-air tournaments and events in the summer, so make sure to check that out when you visit.

History and architecture lovers would enjoy the cities of Croatia more since almost all of them have so many old buildings. There are also some of the best beaches that are great for you to explore with friends and family. Don’t forget to visit a few of the islands for an even better feel of the people and country.