Learn How To Learn Irregular French Verbs Using This Very Effective Method

May 27, 2019

One of the toughest things to grasp for many English speakers is the conjugation of Irregular French Verbs. Typically with French, most French verbs follow a similar thread when it comes to conjugation. However, one of the obstacles for many is to learn and then differentiate the regular from the irregular verbs.

Let’s tackle the irregular verbs first..

What are Irregular French verbsall

Irregular French verbs are simply verbs that don’t conjugate in the same format as the regular ones do whether in their present or past tense forms. This sometimes can prove difficult because with most Latin-based languages such as French, there are generally 14 different verb tenses that are employed. So being that some of these are irregular verbs that learners have to learn to conjugate, this might prove to be a challenge.

How to Learn Irregular French Verbs?

There is simple method that has proven quite effective for many learners to quickly remember all or at least the most used irregular French verbs in typical conversations. This method is often referred to as the “MS VANDERTRAMP” method.

This method works by simply remembering this name and realizing that each of the letters represents a specific one of the irregular French verbs. If you were to view it in a list it would look like this:

M – mourir (to die)
S – sortir (to go out or get out)
V – venir (to come)
A – avoir (to have)
N – naitre (to be born)
D – descendre (to go down,descend)
E – etre (to be)
R – revenir (to come back)
T – tomber (to fall)
R – recevoir (to receive)
A – aller (to go)
M – mettre (to place)
P – pouvoir (to be able to, can)

Although there are many others irregular verbs that are used in the French language, these mentioned seem to be the ones employed most by natives. So this is a great step to help beginners to learn French. As a beginner, it is always to focus first on the some general concepts to help expedite the process and frustration that might result from learning a language.

Why Irregular French Verbs Are Important

In the English language, irregular verbs also exist although for most they are very unconscious of them. This is largely because of English being their first language from birth. However learning them for the French or any other language is very important to give the right meanings and connotations to words. They are “irregular” for a reason because they are special in a very unique way.

How To Sharpen Your French Fast

There are clearly many ways to learn French and sharpen your skills in record time. You can..
(1) do it by using some free resources online
(2) teach yourself like many others or
(3) even learn it in school.
The choice is yours!