Learn French Easy Way

May 27, 2019

Nobody wants to struggle while learning a new language. We all desire to get results fast and would prefer to learn French easy. We are used to believe ‘no pain no gain’ way of thinking meaning countless hours of learning and repetition. There is not more obvious example as to see how small kids acquire a language.  It seems so easy and effortless for them to learn to speak. Why don’t we follow the same rules? According to the linguists, there are 5 essential things one must follow to learn easily any foreign language. These principles combine techniques of how small children learn to speak with specifics of how adults perceive.

Rule One: Learn to speak French before learning writing and reading How it comes? This is exactly the way how children learn languages. Small children learn to speak before they learn how to write and read. It is the most natural way of learning a language.

Rule Two: Change your mindset about making mistakes – don’t be afraid to make them   Yet again, small children seem not to mind at all making mistakes when they start to speak. We, adults are usually too much concerned about looking silly. So instead of practicing French at any opportunity, we keep silent.  We have to overcome the fear of speaking and making mistakes.  The real world is where mistakes are made…

The good idea how to rise above the fear is to travel to French speaking country and get surrounded by francophone people. Most of the time locals will be pleased to hear foreigner speaking to them in their language and will appreciate the effort.

Rule Three: Learn a core set of French words and put them into practice at once

Keep in mind that “Less is More”. Children usually do not have a wide vocabulary or speak in complicated sentences. They get along with just most necessary words and usually do just fine. To learn French easy don’t overdo with memorizing too many words and phrases when you just start learning French. Learn only essential nouns and verbs and start practicing right away. Put these words in sentences in French or, if you don’t know the how to say a full sentence in French then put French words in English sentence. The key is to put the new words in a context as soon as you learn them. Do not forget to learn the fundamentals of the French sentence structure. Note that in French the word order is different from that in English.

Rule Four: It is easy to learn French if your enthusiasm is high Inevitably your initial enthusiasm of learning French will diminish slightly or fluctuate at times. You might feel discouraged once in a while, especially when you realize that it takes longer than expected to achieve fluency. Learning a language is a marathon and not a sprint. It may seem hard. The only way to keep your enthusiasm high and make it easy to learn French is to diversify your learning. Find ways to learn in different ways and use methods, tools and techniques you like and enjoy. Diversify your learning process.

For example: watch your favorite French song clips and movies with subtitles. There are plenty of recourses available on YouTube alone.  When your enthusiasm for learning hits a low point, very effective method is to travel to French speaking place or country. It is almost guaranteed that your motivation to learn French will return very soon.   Rule Five: Put your French learning on steroids with high quality French language software Different to small children, who absorb new language without logically thinking about how it works, adults need intellectual explanation of rules and also system to follow. That is why a good quality learn French Software helps to learn French easy way and much more faster.  In addition to description of the rules and systematic approach, French language software usually has diverse variety of tools such as French audio lessons, multimedia games, and vocabulary building exercises and so on.

Before you go on with French language software, remember to check whether the course encourages actively participating in spoken French or is only set of memorizing drills. Also, do not forget to check whether learn French software has free lessons or demos.